Michels-Classens boomkwekerij

Welcome to the website of the Michels-Classens tree nursery.

The nursery was founded in 1986 by Jan and Marian Michels and can be found in Heide, a village near to the town of Venray, close to junction 9 on the A73 motorway.

Michels-Classens has grown to become an experienced company with 55 hectares of avenue trees. The company has been reinforced by the younger generation of the Michels family now working for it.

The variety of trees in the Michels-Classens range is extensive and all of our trees are cultivated in a sustainable way in the sandy soil of North Limburg. It is not for nothing that the company’s slogan is:


                                               Michels-Classens  ‘Naturally’ good

Please contact Michels-Classens if you should have any specific requirements. We will ensure that you are supplied with a complete package. Our experienced team and modern machinery ensure that we can be flexible in responding to your request. This, in summary, is the Michels-Classens Tree Nursery.

If you would like to know more about what Michels-Classens can offer you, then please explore the rest of our website, or visit our company where you will be able to look around the nursery.

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Boomkwekerij Michels

Steegsepeelweg 80
5814 AS Veulen-Venray

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