These days there is greater consideration for the environment as everyone wants the very best for future generations. This is why it is important to Michels-Classens that production is sustainable.

Michels-Classens was awarded Dutch ecolabel certification in 2010. Certification requires a minimum use of plant protection products. Grass strips are sown and natural foes are encouraged through the use of nesting boxes, bee hives, wooded banks etc. No artificial fertilizers are used at all; instead organic fertilizers are applied.

In implementing these measures, Michels-Classens is trying to think about the ‘P’ for ‘Planet’. Our slogan is, after all:                                  

                                               Michels-Classens  ‘Naturally’ good

The Michels-Classens slogan was confirmed by SGS Nederland B.V of Spijkenisse. On an annual basis, this worldwide authority checks whether Michels-Classens is fulfilling all necessary criteria. If this is not the case, then its certification will be immediately revoked.

The benefit of the Michels-Classens ecolabel for the customer is that you can purchase a sustainably produced tree for the same price.

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