There are 250 different varieties of trees to be found at our nursery which covers an area of 55 hectares.

Michels-Classens plants scions (6-8-10) in order to be able to supply beautiful trees several years down the line. The scions are purchased from reliable suppliers. Good plant material is, after all, of the greatest importance. Without good plant material it is extremely difficult to deliver trees of a qualitatively high standard.

There is a lot of expertise involved in supplying trees in such a way that you, the customer, are more than satisfied. The trees are tended to by the team, with each tree having its own special needs. The root structures of the trees are well developed as Michels-Classens replants trees three times. Larger trees are even replanted four times.

Regular consultations regarding the cultivation of our trees are held. Our staff also attend various courses on a regular basis. This helps us to maintain quality standards and keeps our staff committed to the cultivation of the trees.

Along with skilled staff, commitment is one of the most important factors for any company wanting to produce qualitatively good products. At Michels-Classens, this commitment enables us to create value for each tree.

In addition to the commitment of staff, modern machinery used in the cultivation of the trees is another major factor. This is very important in terms of flexibility. As Michels-Classens is able to set to work quickly, we are able to respond to your specific needs. If required, we can deliver trees on the day they are ordered.

In terms of logistics, everything is arranged as efficiently as possible so that deliveries run smoothly.